Why video?

“It's 2017 and video is taking over the internet... it's estimated that 80% of ALL internet traffic will be video traffic by 2019. That's 8/10 people just 'going online' to watch videos.

Unsurprisingly, companies are making the most out of the trend and reaping the rewards of producing quality video content for customers. Facebook, for example, shows video content in its timeline to more people than images or text so businesses enjoy higher reach, clicks etc. simply by putting their information into .mp4 format.

Whilst the single, all-encompassing 'corporate' video still has its place, there's recently been a shift towards video series and general video content. Traditional testimonials are being swapped for video testimonials, 'About Us' and 'Careers' pages will now feature video content to support the text but the real change is with social media...”

Callam DentHead of Video

Promotional Video

A 4K (TV Standard) production to show off your company's identity.

Use it on your website, social media and paid Facebook Ads to help generate a wave of new business.


There isn't anything more powerful than someone else saying how great you are.

Whilst everyone else is still using written testimonials, video testimonials convert insanely better due to their authenticity –  anyone can ghostwrite a glowing review but only true advocates will deliver them on camera.


Let's get animated.

Want something a bit different? Our 1 minute animated videos will help you stand out from the competition.

Social Media Showcase

The bite-size package with a punch.

Used by the biggest pages on Facebook, the combination of on-screen text and sliding cinematographic generates more views than any other method.

The Story

The journey, the culture...

People buy from people and they LOVE stories – we find that the company owner or member of staff sharing an insight into your business to the camera is an incredibly convincing piece of conversion content for those on the fence.

How-To Series

You've seen Joe Wicks, right?!

Content Marketing is the way to go into 2018. Educate, entertain and engage – get one of your staff to step up to the plate, chose a subject and film a batch of helpful content in a single afternoon.

Part of Our Ultimate Retainer Service...

Outsource your entire marketing operation to our team of professionals. Breathe a huge sigh of relief, stop chasing new business and watch the leads roll in.

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