Autism Parent Empower

An incredible organisation working to empower the parents of children with autism. Jo-Ann’s courses and content work with these people and their and their child in the home, in the community and even in the kitchen. 

We’re honored to be a supporter and provider to Jo-Ann and the team on their mission and have filmed countless videos for her along the way. 

The Challenge

There are a lot of parents out there in the world who believe they can’t get help and the struggle of raising a child with autism can sometimes be very difficult. Jo-Ann wanted to target these people so that they could join her 12-week course and make the most out of her helpful online content. 

The Solution

Video and Social Media. Jo-Ann’s career in the media industry allowed her a real professional in front of the camera. The content of the clips were often very visual (e.g. cookery) so it made sense to steer the strategy down the video/social route. Great, helpful content and social media targeting has resulted in hundreds of thousands of views, some huge press exposure and lots of empowered parents!


Facebook Lives


Empowered Parents

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You can find all the videos on the official Autism Parent Empower Facebook Page:

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